Thursday, January 13, 2011

...and then she made cookies

I'm so excited about being on my very own Sweet Bella blog page! I've been sharing cookies via Facebook since April 2010 when I started this happy, happy cookie life - and now I have a real home for them. It makes me all giddy inside!

I'll never forget the first batch of sugar cookies with flooded royal icing that I made. They were for Easter Sunday 2010. I wanted to make something special. I can still feel the tingle of finishing the last cookie and just wanting to stare at them. I didn't want to go to bed that night, honestly. I just kept staring.

Not that my work was that incredible, but the medium that I used to make them was. Flooded Royal Icing!!??! Starts off liquidy and hardens pretty and shiny, but not too hard?? I could stack them? Touch them? Wrap them? I was in awe. Truly.

Almost a year later, I still stall at bedtime just so I can walk past some pretty cookies a few more times. I'm in love.

Many thanks to those of you that make this business possible...

So here was my very first order, a donation to a fundraiser in our small town. I carried them like my babies to the field. They sold out in 30 minutes. I knew we were on to something.

My next two orders were from one of my favorite aunts and one of my favorite friends. Both of them were ordered to give as gifts. Aunts and friends are sweet like that.


And I'll leave you with my favorite order from 2010. I can't decide if it's because of my mad love for sushi or my mad love for sparkly sprinkles used as rice. A bit of both, I think. 

I so appreciate you coming by and helping me get started with my first post. What fun are cookies if you can't share them?


Becky @ Our Peaceful Home said...

Sushi cookies! HOW CUTE!!!!

Amanda said...

Thanks Becky! Almost as much fun as Nashville sushi, right? ;o)