Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cookies! A few favorites

I'd love to share a few of my favorite orders that have gone out over the past few months...

Ballerinas that absolutely made me squeal! This supports my argument that I need another girl in the bake shop with me so that when a set like this comes together, I have someone to grab and jump up and down with while squealing. I look pretty silly doing it alone. But I do it anyway.

This was a very fun project - sent off to Michigan for a fundraiser. 
They were a HUGE hit! And that made me happy. Plus...nonpareil bunny tails?? Please. Makes me weak.

I love graduation cookies that say something about the grad - 
these owls turned out really cute!

What's more cheery than tropical fish swimming across the nation? 
This set is always fun.

...and last for this post - I have one of the sweetest families that I make cookies for often.
Actually, last year they were one of my first orders outside of my circle of family & friends and I made puppy cookies for their sweet daughter. So a year later, I was delighted when she called again for a "dog show theme" for her party. She requested poodles, German shepherds, & dachschunds.
Bonus: I learned how to spell dachschunds.

As always...I'm SO thankful for all of my sweet cookie lovers! THANK YOU! 

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